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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Should I Love You ?

Salam and Hi again.

Woke up this morning with a heavy head. Things were accumulated in my mind before I went to sleep...and the result is my morning was so...dull...weird..lifeless...

The slamming against Muslim is not something new in Europe, but its not so bad in UK if compared to Russia, Germany and the-so-famous and over-rated France.(Whats there in Paris ? Just a so-hated Eiffel Tower by the local and dirty and pee-smelled city).  But this time...It gets into my skin. Weirdly weird, it does. Maybe I'm old now. Compared to the last time they made a violent demonstration against Muslim, that was 7 years ago, when I was studying in Sheffield University, when I was just 20 and nothing matter much for me. But now the issue get to me differently. I started to think more than I should. Or the issue is really bad ? I dont know.

Its all started with a murder of a British soldier in London by two Muslim men (black) and they were saying this : " He's a British soldier. He killed people. He killed Muslim people in Muslim countries."

(the video shows how WEIRD the news are - its kinda faked things up to ROAR things)

The media started to portray it as if EVERY MUSLIM gonna fight with the non Muslim and started to make things worst. The bad thing about UK is, the media and the politician. They are well known to hate Muslim, whereas the UK people are not all that bad. Many of them are nice. Reading the news last night, when I woke up, I was contemplating myself, either I should go to the office, or should I stay at home - working from home ?

and I chose the first option.

Walked with my friend whilst feeling more conscious  with my surrounding. Hearing about mosques attacked in three different region (with man get into the mosque with knife, and another event where two Muslim men were attacked and asked : Now where is your God ? ). I was being paranoid. Then we saw three guys walking with a black uniform jacket. I was quite worried, if he is the EDL people who just did a demo last night ? and will do another one tomorrow night and on Saturday ?

and....they are actually the Neighborhood Warden. Alhamdulillah. A smile flashed on my face. 

As I walked to the university... I started to think about our brothers and sisters in all those countries. Syria.Afghan. Iran. Iraq. Those who FACE all this EVERYDAY and even worst. Whats their feeling?


I AM INSECURE. but surely their level of insecurity is higher. Bombing. Killing. House being invaded. Everywhere. Everyday. Every moment. 

Maybe this is what the murderers talked about. There. In another countries people are being killed but no one seems to bother....

Entering the park (my short cut) I remembered the advise given to us - not to walk in deserted area...but somehow, I think walking in the city is more dangerous as there are many people there.

But then... seeing all the trees and the His creatures, this ayat get to my mind :

" And with Him are the keys of the unseen; none knows them except Him. And He knows what is on the land and in the sea. Not a leaf falls but that He knows it. And no grain is there within the darknesses of the earth and no moist or dry [thing] but that it is [written] in a clear record." - (Al-Quran : 6 : 59)

Tiada apa yang berlaku tanpa Allah mengetahuinya! Bahkan biji benih yang tertanam dalam dasar tanah sekalipun Allah tahu kewujudannya di situ. Segalanya sudah tertulis dalam kalam Allah. Inikan pula manusia. Inikan pula nyawa dan perjalanan hidup aku sendiri.

Kata Allah lagi ; 

" If Allah helps you, none can overcome you; and if He forsakes you, who is there after Him that can help you? And in Allah (Alone) let believers put their trust."- (Al-Quran 3:160)


" Wherever you may be, death will overtake you, even if you should be within towers of lofty construction..." - (Al-Quran 4:78)

Siapa yang mampu menimpakan keburukan bila Allah tetapkan kebaikan pada diri kita ? dan siapa yang mampu menghalang Allah bila Allah berkehendakan sesuatu untuk berlaku ? Kematian itu adalah satu ketetapan yang sudah lama Allah tetapkan bila dan bagaimana. Yang mampu merubahnya hanya Allah. Segalanya adalah asbab, bila ditakdirkan untuk meninggalkan bumi ini, kita tetap akan pergi walau tika itu kita sedang bersenang menonton televisyen atau sedang berhadapan perang. 

Dan melihatkan bumi Allah, siapa yang layak kita geruni melainkan Allah s.w.t ? Dia yang menciptakan bumi dan isinya. Banyak kematian yang berlaku pada mereka yang memilih untuk memusuhi Allah berlaku kerana tentera Allah yang pelbagai - Burung ababil, tiupan angin, gempa bumi, bunyi yang terlampau bingit, hujan tanpa henti.

Segalanya langsung tidak masuk dek akal manusia. Tentera Allah itu pelbagai. Dari langit, ke awan, hujan, lautan, bumi dan haiwan. Segalanya akan mengganas bila Allah arahkan. 

So to whom I shall I put my TRUST ? 

Its Him. The Creator. 

Let not be scared of human. As human is within the control of Allah. 

Went to my office with a paranoid mind, but a brave heart. and. Everyone were so lovely. I was smiling to myself, because I'm expecting some judgmental paranoid face will be looking at me - but they were still the same. The same beautiful, cheerful and workaholic office mate and when I bought my dinner at local British shop, they still the same nice people. Smiling and cheerfully greeted us. Alhamdulillah :)

Thank you Allah. For everything. 

Thank you for not let them become a RACIST. When tabloid were speculating about Muslim as such, there are those English who fought back - slamming the tabloid for being racist. Slamming the government for causing such thing to happen - as -  if the government did not make an allies with USA to attack many countries, the civiliant will not face all this. And. This remind me of my own Malaysia. 

Malaysia with all the different races and religious views. I wish one day we will stop looking at someone based on their skin color and race. As all of us rooted from the same womb - from the EVE / HAWA ! My office mate, who is also a Malaysian, but a chinese Malaysian. She is married to an English guy and working with the university since 3 years ago. We are close. And today, she said something very heart breaking to me. Ouch. Those words make me ache.

J : They (my other office mates) think I'm more like them (pointing at chinese officemates from China) but I think I'm more like you. 

Me : Are they ? *with my wrinkled face*

J : Yeah. I'm not even close to being like them. I'm more like you. It just my look. I look like chinese! Haih (she hold her face) I should make a surgery and change my face so people know, I'm Malaysian. 

I was speechless. Seriously. Is thats what she think ? How much she want to be known and be part of Malaysian ? I mean I can feel whats she felt. To be part of Malaysian and yet up to now, people still differentiate between races. Indian. Chinese. and Malay had been living together for so long...if we still don't have that sense of belonging... we wont be close in reaching the UNITY. 

As much as I hope these English will accept me in their community...I wish we will start to feel that sense of belonging with all the races in Malaysia. I close this post with this ayat, for all of us to ponder.

“ Wahai sekalian manusia! bertaqwalah kepada Tuhan kamu yang telah menjadikan kamu (bermula) dari diri yang satu (Adam), dan yang menjadikan daripada (Adam) itu pasangannya (isterinya - Hawa), dan juga yang membiakkan dari keduanya - zuriat keturunan - lelaki dan perempuan yang ramai. Dan bertaqwalah kepada Allah yang kamu selalu meminta dengan menyebut-nyebut namaNya, serta peliharalah hubungan (silatur-rahim) kaum kerabat kerana sesungguhnya Allah sentiasa memerhati (mengawas) kamu.” – Al-Quran, An-Nisa ayat 1

p/s: Should I love you ? Yes. We should love everyone. We should spread the love.

Salam alaikum =)
x Eve x



  1. love the word...spread the love n keep on spreading love everywhere

  2. Eve, sy pinjam kata2 awak..

    Let not be scared of human. As human is within the control of Allah.

    Sy suka..pg2 bg info mcm ni menaikkan smgt btol..alhamdulillah.

    Love u eve

    1. please do farra :) and love u too :)!

  3. Nice one! Thanks for such a lovely entry.

  4. luv ur entry.
    btw, where is it ur uni? ncl perhaps?
    i'm going there this summer, i.Allah. :)

    1. ni mesti graduate someone kan? ;)
      TQ babe!

    2. i'm going for undergrad studies sebenarnya. :)
      kak eve ( can i address you like that? ) buat phd di ncl ke?
      and working at the same time right? :)

    3. yeap sure, can call me kak Eve :)
      yes akak tgh buat PhD - PhD Researcher. not officially working, but as a PhD students we are also a researcher for the uni. hehe uni akak, akak *tut* (rahsiakan) kan

  5. makes me think about it but in a different way~ thanx kak eve~~ :D

  6. Hope that you are doing fine there .

    1. in shaa Allah, tQ for d doa anon :) tc u too

  7. Nice entry Eve... very touching.. sob!sob!

    Do take care...Luv you

    1. lol thanks juita :) my fren really moved me. gonna make some nasi lemak for her.haha. and please take care you too yeah ;)

  8. Salam kak eve..kak,saya sangat suka baca karya2 akak. Sungguh jatuh cinta. Kata2 motivasi,nasihat ,gaya akak menyampaikan ssbuah cerita.. :)
    Tapi,saya lemah bahasa inggeris..kena rujuk kamus sbb banyak pkataan yg sy tak faham. Gila banyak . Tapi, secara tak langsung, ia dapat tambah vocab saya! Demi memahami apa yg akak cuba sampaikan saya sanggup lawan perasaan malas saya..errr..saya jenis malas baca benda yg saya xfaham mksudnya.

    Thanks kak eve :). . Maaf ayat berterabur. . Karangan bahasa melayu sy pun susah nak dapat A :3 ..

    > love u lillah<
    >silent reader<

    1. wsalam wbt anon :)

      owh alhamdulillah if u can learn some words dari post akak :) but my grammar biasa lepas laku.haha. hope u will get the A's in d becoming exams yeah ;)!
      TQ sudi baca

      Lurve u dik ! <3

  9. Nice one. Unity & harmony as M'sian. But some ppl still take things for granted. Differentiate each other by their race.Peace :)

  10. Salam Eve, boleh nurul tahu suhu di London n paris sekarang sekitar berapa yer diwaktu siang dan malam sebab akan kesana bulan jun nanti. tq yer

    1. wsalam wbt nurul...suhu dalam 3C to 10C but u better check google weather for a more precise weather forecast :) - have a nice journey!

  11. satu soalan tuk kak eve, mna dpt ptngan ayat Quran ni??sbenanya soalan ni timbul msa bca nvel HLOVATE ag, tpi x tau nak tnyakan kat mna.mnulis based on ayat tu ke mmg msukkan ayt based on ditulis..err..pening plak ayat, hrap kak eve fhm.lalalala

    n satu ag mengubah, bukan merubah..hehehe


  12. Assalamualaikum wbt. eve...
    really really luv your masterpiece. continue writing i'm still love to read all your karya.

    lot of luv..
    Hana - from Shah Alam

  13. your masterpiece is so lovely ....deep in my heart i felt like i woluld like you more XD

  14. Suka bca your entry..nmpk dunia sentiasa mengajak n memberi ilmu allah..congrate..thanks so much..

  15. Like u entry, like u words, like u opinions...

  16. Like the entry, like the worda and like the opinions...