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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

How to Study Overseas for Malaysian

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I think its been ages I did not visit my own blog. I cant really say I'm too busy with my phD work but I was busy with other things in life - excuses. Well I got many Qs from readers about - how to study in overseas ?

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Thats me and friends (Malaysians) during our congregation in Sheffield University.

I made a mind map based on all the possible routes I know - if you know any other way it will be very helpful to share it in the comment box. 

Personally I think it is very crucial to score in your SPM, it is like a ticket for a bigger opportunity in life. With a good SPM result you are able to apply for various type of scholarship especially from JPA, MARA, Bank Negara, Petronas, etc etc. You need to be alert of the scholarship announcement which normally made in local newspaper. As for me myself I chose MARA (even I applied Petronas and MARA) and the reason is I want to have a total freedom in choosing my career and my employer. The good thing with MARA is it is very flexible in  term of the re-payment which is based on your achievement. If you scored well - first class then you do not need to pay anything AND of course you wont be forced to work with them too. 

However, there are many of those who prefers stability and assurance. They want to graduate, and get a job right away. That's what normally happen to most scholarship holders but bear in mind, it is not a 100% guarantee that you'll be offered a job. It will depend on availability and of course your performance/results. 

A level and International Bacca. normally took 2 years time and you can do it locally. Some made it within a year or a year and a half depending on your program. As for diploma, you need to be a diploma graduate with nice flying colors result, and you can also enroll for a twinning program degree between the local uni and UK university. 

Mine ? 

I did A-Level in Kolej MARA Seremban. 2 years program - engineering course. and fully funded by MARA through pembiayaan Skim Pelajar Cemerlang. We were required to score at least 13/15 which actually means you need to score at least ABB to be able to continue with Bachelor/Master Engineering. You'll choose your desired universities during your 4th semester. Then you'll know your result in August (as I recalled) if things are okay you'll be able to proceed to Master Engineering/Bachelor degree in any of the universities you applied earlier. 

A lot of people dont really know what is Master Engineering course ? 

Well I did Master Engineering in Sheffield University, and most people asked then where did I do my bachelor ? Master Engineering is a 4 years course consists of 3 years bachelor engineering + 1 year Master. The university will decide either we are eligible to continue with Master or not based on our 2nd year and 3rd year result. 

What so good about studying overseas ? 
Only those experienced it know it well ;) - well its the experience that counts. living independently without any family members around - thousands of miles away from home, you definitely need a huge amount of courage and day by day it will shapes a better you. Just make sure you choose the right route while staying there. Not everyone who are excellent in their SPM did well in ALevel or in their Bachelor/Master degree. Its all about how you manage yourself. I have seen many successes and I have seen many failures too throughout this journey. I felt bad towards those who did not make it to the end, and at the same time I learn from them, not to feel too comfy with our current achievement. The future is never certain, it depend on our effort today.

Well thats it for this time. Hope it helps and chaiyo everyone in achieving your dream !

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during y friend's congregation ceremony - she did her Master in Architecture in Northumbria University and previously studied Architecture in UITM Shah Alam and worked as assistant architect in Selangor.

Next : I might update about phD and Master. Daa~

Evelyn Rose~Imanxx

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