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Monday, 20 April 2015

Spring blooms into beautiful you

20.04.2015/ Spring 

London Hyde Park 

Woken up at 5.00 am for Subuh prayer. Its already bright outside but sunrise was at 5.52 am and Subuh prayer fall at 3.43 am, ended by 5.52 am.. Honestly it kind of a struggle to make it for the Subuh prayer during late Spring and Summer time where Isha' is currently around 10.19 pm and Subuh is as early as 3.43 am (and it will be earlier in Summer and Isha will be more late later) but alhamdulillah its okay so far...

Its been 2 years and a half I'm in Newcastle (Sept 2012 to now)
I was in Sheffield for 4 years (2006-2010)

Things moves so quickly... Sometimes I wonder, is this time better than before (my undergraduate) in term of my experience ? How I integrate with the local community. My career wise.... I had been travelling back and forth from Malaysia to UK sometimes up to 3-4 times a year for my phD data collection, the novel purposes, and business purposes (and for my family hehe).

I think I travel less now compared to when doing my undergraduate.
I integrate less with my British colleagues compared to when I was younger.
I party less (shhh...)
I wander as a lone wolf late at night far less than before to....

Everything is less isnt it ?

What happen ?

Maybe once we have graduated, we have worked, we experienced how hard it was/is to make a living and how professional we should act, we know after this phD studying we will fall back into such kind of life. We know we need to be prepared. So we treat this phD absolutely like our own career, indeed it is. It is actually a course which trains us to be an independent researcher. Well, seriously everyone are very independent. Nobody knows what we are doing. We are the expert in our case study even our supervisors wouldnt know as much as we do know about it. Most of the time, we need to initiate for ideas, different ideas, we need to find investors, we need to make a decision. Most of the time supervisors advises wont help you, sometimes it can ruin you. It  happens.

But a stone wont become a diamond until it succeed under high pressure.

So do us.

An hour break from the office work, when the weather is nice things turn into magic!
when it doesnt, well we need to bear it :)

No matter what our situation might be :

Either you are a full time mom struggling with domestic management, or high rank CEOs in top company, I believe we all have our own struggle. If we managed to smile before we sleep and woke up feeling better, we have beat the struggles! We are building a stronger version of ourselves :)

And as we hit age 27 above, I think we'll start thinking about 'jodoh', do I still wanna be single ? But I am very happy living alone ? But when we reach 30 (if we are in Malaysia) you know, saham jatuh etc so should we no matter what find our Mr Soulmate ? Is there is Mr Soulmate ? Does he really exist ? And I even asked God, I mean asking for His guidance, should I just waited or I need to do something about it ? Most of the time it brought me to this verses :

"....Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron." [Quran 13:11]

and yeah it is true. you need to open up your heart. do something but most importantly pray to Allah to get whatever you wanted. Work for it but remember, it is still Allah who give you whatever you are trying to get.... Hope Allah ease our journey. All of us :)

Some asked when I'll be publishing the next novel ?  

The only answer I can give you now is, I need to finish up my thesis writing then I can start thinking about my 3rd novel. Most of the engineering phD took 3 years for experimentation and 6 - 10 months for the whole thesis writing and VIVA. Pray for me guys !

May Allah bless you all too


  1. May Allah Bless U & good Luck...! :)

  2. All the best & do the your best kak Iman

  3. where is yours "dating an english gentleman?" hahaha

  4. Really love reading your 'journal' Eve. Sometimes, it makes me want to go there to visit all the beautiful places you've mentioned. It also reminds me of my youngest brother whose currently doing his phd in Tokyo. I do miss him & all his stories & experiences about Japan. A piece of advise, cherish all this moment as it will give you something to smile about in future.......& keep on writing as I think you are more than capable to write great stuff in future.....Insya Allah.

  5. yes i turned 27 this year.. and struggling in my own way too. ..but reading this really inspired me. Thanks Iman, all the best to you and keep inspiring people

  6. Assalammualaikum wbt Iman,

    Moga semuanya dipermudahkanNYA bagi kita semua, aaminn!!

  7. walau apa pun situasi kita, walau di posisi mana pun kita berada, itulah yang terbaik Allah letakkan untuk kita. Apa yang penting ialah apa sumbangan kita pada Agama...sebab kita ini hamba Allah

  8. Good luck in life, Kak Iman! May Allah SWT ease your journey. :)

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  10. thank you semua and may Allah ease your journey too amen! :)

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  12. sentiasa menantikan novel terbaru dari eve...