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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

in the end

From every corner of my life I find this verse is true. It keep coming back to me like a tennis ball in a squash court. The harder i hit the ball, the harder its hitting me back.

I'm not pious, but i'm observant introvert who loves being in her own solidarity. I love God as in every memories i have collected, as no matter how many person i come to love, no one can ever love me as much as the love i felt from God. I might sound like a delusional psychopath, as you might ask, how do I measure God's love ? but deep inside you, you too know when your inner voice speaks, it is speaking to the Owner of the soul and magically magic happen. Your prayers were answered. In many different ways and form. It only needs you to search for the signs. To feel it.

Hows the verse hitting me?

Many people thought the verse is about death. only. but indeed, the truth is in every matter we do we'll return our affair to God. it is something that our body, heart, mind and soul were designed to acknowledge. either you're religious or not.

  • when you love someone too much, you ended up praying to God to take care of that person. 
  • when you have tried your hardest and you dont know what else you can do to make it better, you pray to God to take care of the matter.
  • even if you're a sinner, deep inside you, you feel embarrass with what you do and you did talk to God to forgive you, understand you or change you. 
  • even when you are a rebel, after you did what you did you'll ask God what is wrong with yourself ? 
  • when things go right, you forgot God and things changed bad, you'll still return to God. 
  • even when you're still alive, surrounded by many, you can feel alone and you know the only entity which do understand you is God alone. 
and even when you think you are in the right path because of thats what you were taught of what is right, you'll still rely on God's guidance about this world, this life and about God itself since you know that the holder of the truth is God alone. and the owner of all knowledge is God alone....
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