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Thursday, 4 February 2016


how did I start blogging?

Writing has been very synonyms with me. It is like a soothing tool for my soul. I don't know why but the best logic I could come out is; it relates to the way my brain works. It is bursting with lots of thoughts, questions,  and ideas. I need to capture them in words, as I am writing, I could better reason with them and come out with a conclusion. Most of the time that is how it works. While writing a non-fiction like love stories are my escapism to another world - my mind. The place that all my facts and thoughts reside. Never once I ever imagined that novelist is part of my career. Never. However, it is not bad at all. I started with, and everything else is a history.

Being a researcher - science stream person, I mainly use my left brain (find out which brain you are more dominant here: Analytical. Logic. Thinker. All those, at one point, make me a bitter person (added up to my personality as an INTJ - find out your personality types here It makes thing worst. Then I know, I always crave for a balance. That's how writing, as a form of art, helps me do that besides another form of art such as photography and drawing.

As my Ph.D. almost reach it ends, I started to ponder on, what's next? Alhamdulillah my experimental work finished Oct last year. I had a month holiday, then working on my thesis and scientific journals publication (and novel writing) since then. Please pray that everything will go well :)

I think it is true that when you grow up, the definition of life become more extinct. What you want to do in life is no longer centered on careers, cars, money, etc. You started to re-evaluate how your career influence your lifestyle? You began to realise, it is not about money, but indeed, money is part of the essential to live. However, it is so hard to find a way that gives you an abundance of wealth, supplies you with freedom of time, of opinion and at the same time give you security and pure satisfaction.

I came across a talk (video here) given by a genius kid Jacob Bernett. He said 'forget what you know, stop learning, but start thinking. Questions things as if you know nothing before. Then try to solve it with your term, not by the terms, angle and perspective you learned from others before. That is how Einstein, Newton and himself came out with new scientific theories.' That is how novelty was born!

I bet the same method can be applied to my life. To take a gap to see this world with my perspective.

When I went on a ski trip in the French Alps, Samoens, I met a Welsh guy and an English girl who work as a driver. They picked me up from the airport/hotel to the airport/hotel. We had a chat (my James had a chat, but I was listening while sleeping), both of them have a degree from the University. He graduated in Geology while she graduated in English Literature. It is interesting how they live their life. Very much like a nomad. She works in New Zealand in Summer (so she and her boyfriend/partner can enjoy surfing while working as a teacher) and works in ski resorts around Europe (so she and her boyfriend/partner can enjoy skiing while working as a driver). They have been living like that for almost 10 years, and they find it satisfying. The Westen live their life in different ways.

I often heard this phrase: have a dream that scares you and excites you at the same time because it is going to be big.

So I told James about my dream, I was at first quite scared if he might reject the idea or think that it is a nonsense. I had always wanted to travel the world while writing (or at least, a few months of travelling as a gap time to figure out what do I want to do next). He is well travelled. He used to live in Spain for a year, travelled to Morocco for a month (when he was 17), he worked in Equador for 2 years, lived in Thailand for 3 months and worked in South Korea for 2 years. I thought, travelling is no longer appealing to him, but to my surprise, we share the same dream, and he is supporting my wishes. I had always come across people who will tell me to follow the norm (such as, as a P.h.D holder it is best to work as a lecturer or in the academic field) but the thing is, I am not the type of person who follows others' path. I am a well stubborn creature who like to explore and very thirsty to know things. If he got a good offer to sell his business, then our dream are close to reality. amen.

Sometimes we think our dream is ridiculous, but hey, someone else might be in the same boat with you! And I'm glad God has arranged us to meet. The best gift in life is a companion who support and understand us.

He keeps on checking on my novel writing too. Encouraging me to keep on writing. I am writing one and inshaa Allah it will come soon (sedang mengejar deadline). Previously when I heard from my supervisors that they won't have time to read my thesis until mid-May (yes, they are super busy with research collaborations, teaching and other research work), I was quite upset since I want to finish it quickly, but now I see that God has arranged it that way for my good. It gives me more time to write some more scientific journals (which is very important to strengthen the thesis), write a novel after 2 years and 6 moths not coming out with any and explore other interest. Truly, again and again, I saw how God's plan are always the best. So not taking things negatively whenever my plan didn't work as I expected it, typically came out with a better outcome.

Most of the time, we regret on things we didn't do and chances we didn't take as we all know if we make a mistake, it is mean to teach us a lesson in life that will be useful for our future.

Do you have a dream that you are scared to achieve too? Or is it only me? lol

Evelyn Rose - Miss Iman xx


  1. Salam.
    Saya pun mempunyai minat yang sama dgn kak iman. As a science student, i really want to travel around the world dan melihat keindahan alam. Then, we'll see many God's creatures yg tak pernah dilihat dan tu mcm kepuasan bg saya. But, im afraid of my dream and the future. Sbb dunia sekarang semakin mencabar dan kita merancang tapi Allah menentukan. Btw, saya suka sgt baca blog akak sebab akak selalu bg kata kata yg inspire me to succeess dunia akhirat. Gluck w yr phd!

  2. Wsalam thanks Nurin, all the best to you! Believe in your dream honey :)

  3. Assalamualaikum..
    Sis nak mta pendapat..
    Sy try buat personality test kat link yg sis bagi
    Macam mana sy nak pilih course
    Based on minat or peluang pekerjaan..
    Sy basic mmg pure science tapi sy nak convert to sastera
    Ermm..i hope to hear ur opinion..😇😇😇
    Thanks plus baca blog sis memberi semangat utk terus kejar what i want even a lot of risks

    1. wslm wbt Farah, awak approaching degree ke? Based on my experience, I will go with my passion sbb that is how i am. What are you most curious to know ? Most people ingat bila kita decide on a degree course thats what we gonna work as but sometimes it doesnt work that way... university life is just a place you gain your skills to survive in this life.

    2. Thanks sis..yup for degree
      Actually there are lot of things that i wanna explore.. but 1st thing that i need is confident...

  4. Salam kak iman , i'm 17 this year and you know as a teen who're still growing up , there's a lot of things i alwats want to do . all of your posts give me quite of an inspiration and motivates to always remember that , of all things that comes , it is all about us at the end . proud to say that , you're my role model . chaiyokkk kak iman 😊

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  6. Assalamualaikum kak iman. Sy rindukan novel akak. Novel akak mengisahkan tntg kehidupan dan perkara yg terjadi disekeliling dimana selama ini sy kurang ambil berat. Kedua2 novel akak sy dh baca n i lov it. Cograts 4 ur PHD.

  7. Assalamualaikum kak iman. Sy rindukan novel akak. Novel akak mengisahkan tntg kehidupan dan perkara yg terjadi disekeliling dimana selama ini sy kurang ambil berat. Kedua2 novel akak sy dh baca n i lov it. Cograts 4 ur PHD.

  8. Salam Iman/Evelyn, I have been following your blog for quite sometime now, you have broken all the norms and mould that a Malay lady should conform with. I was like you following my dream to be an army and later taken other route due to the earning potential as an army was not that much. I missed it so much now that I was made realised by reading your thoughts. We share the same likings too writing, its an escapade of the everyday routines and tool for you to be one with one soul. Hope you live your dreams that is to travel the world.