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Sorry its not an update from any stories

Writing this while listening to Matsuri - a fab music for me esp while doing my work.

Its been very busy lately.

Just posted the gift for those early birds buying the TWB last few days. Dont expect it to reach you that quick as Malaysian Post Office aint that quick. We can trace it from here, normally it took a week to reach Malaysia and once it reach Malaysia we cudnt trace the parcel progress anymore. And its common when after few weeks the receiver didnt receive it yet. But seriously hope it will reach each of you guys (34) as the postage alone cost me more than RM500.00 total.

Hmm yeah, as for the stories, currently not having a good mood to write anything yet. This is what happen when I watched a heart pulling story (it explains why i didnt write anything telenovela). Did anyone watch I Miss You - a Korean drama ? Had been ages didnt watch Korean. Did it last weekend and it get into my skin like nothing on earth.

Harry Borrison

This name get into my mind until I cant even think of Fawwaz, Haydar, Fido or even Fath.

Those who watched it,  I know Harry is an antagonist character and yet his character is the one which give me the biggest impact. Thinking of him. Thinking of his determination. Thinking of his courage. Thinking of how quick he grown up make me SMILE at myself and pointed out one word to me :

Why you grow up so slow Eve ? 

Is it the system or is it me ?

Why our education system should start at 7 when others started at 5 or 4 ?

And why on earth Carlos the richest guy start investing in Mill Factory when he was 12 ?

And why Sultan Al-Fateh conquered Constantinople when he was 21 ?

I'm 26 and what am I ? 

This will take some time before I regain my balance. and until then, shall we meet again. Smile.

By the way its snowed again. Pretty bad and pretty cold.

Salam alaikum :)

p/s : Its a concrete proof that I'm human. Normal human being.


  1. Salam Eve :)

    Fear not.Fret not. I am going to be .....errrr 40 this year and I still ask myself such question to myself , my friends and my hubby... :)

    You ? At 26 have written a published novel ... a good one and Insyaallah more to come :)

    You are pursuing your studies ...( I assume ...sorry havent googled on you fully yet ;) )

    Different people , different strokes...point being your strokes are not too bad....considering your age its pretty awesome dear.

    ps thus I refrain from watching melancholic Korean Drama ( even if the hero n 2nd heroes are hot and even if its one of my fav heroine).... my emotional attachment lingers on ....heheheh

    Enjoy the solace of winter :) , you'll miss it when you're back home....

    Till then ?

    Salam :)

  2. Hye kak eve :) Haha. Teruja jenguk blog akak. Ingat ada new entry :( Tapi, its okey. Sebab dapat jugak news dari akak. lol.

    Btw, akak duduk mana? *sori tanya soklan camni* :x

  3. I watched i miss you too.... Though the hero is the other guy i still prefer harry though he is kinda evil but idk maybe i am more attracted to the bad guy. Muhahah. Well i hope u will get an idea on ur story and eve be happy. At 26 u already have a novel. Hehehehe

  4. Salam eve...
    i think at the age of 26, u're pretty much perfect..u've publish ur own novel, yet further ur study..u're awesome...don't sedey2....there are so many people out there who didn't achieve anything yet...Bersyukurlah dgn apa yang telah Allah kurniakan pada kita..

  5. Assalam Eve, memula ingat ada sambungan Fawwaz td, :-)

    Sejujurnya, walau tidak kenal Eve secara rapat, tp dr info di blkg novela TWB dan dgn apa yg Eve tulis disini, rasanya tidak salah if kak katakan Eve menghampiri tahap sempurna itu. Rasanya tidak perlu memandang keatas saja kerana kita berpijak dibumi nyata, hanya pinjaman semata...( pesanan utk diri kak juga )

    Eve masih muda dan byk yg Eve akan lalui, bersyukurlah dgn apa yg ALLAH kurniakan skrg dan insyALLAH akan dtg. Marilah kita berdoa agar semuanya baik2 belaka...

    Kak mmg minat drama korea, tp yg ni belum tgk lagi & pasti nk tgk. Fav korean drama kak = "Jewel in the Palace @ Dae Jang Geum".

    OK Eve, jaga diri selalu...

  6. Assalamualaikum.

    Dear Eve, Kak Hana just read yr TWB. 1 word to describe-Awesome.U are so talented & big clap for this novel & being a new writer, u are so talented & inspiring. KH paling suka bila Eve selitkan Surah Al Baqarah :216 (Pg 568).

    Haha , Ariana cried watching - Notebook while KH nangis baca novel tu.Nicholas Sparks quotes that KH love so much -You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together.”

    Good luck girl & all the best.

  7. salam writer, persoalan takkan pernah habis kan??? setiap saat kita masih blh repair diri utk jd plg terbaik & u can girl... for me, rasanya at 26, u have kerusi empuk kale putih/silver milik Datuk Wira Tengku Adam Kamil bin Tan Sri Tengku Mukhriz kot... and im jelesssss of that...hmmm

  8. yeaaayyyy,...thanks eve! i nmpk my name & my address kat bhgn atas2 dlm gmbr gift yg u post tu....jazakallah n all the best to u...May Allah Bless U Always!

  9. Assalamualaikum Eve,

    Humm...a bit frustrated coz there is no new posting for 13 jam - A380. I love to read more from u after I read "The wedding Breaker"....start to fall for Evelyn Rose writing...hahaha....after that I did follow 13 jam - A380. U know what Eve, it's like a coccaine to me. I want more and more but I do understand ur situation....but Eve , pls don't stop writing coz we want more from u....

    All d best and do not forget us....

  10. Assalamualaikum Eve laling <3

    Im missed u so badly,Eve..i really do..nak jatuh jer airmata ni bila Eve sedih2 camni..xmo la sedih2,babe..u shud grateful & proud of yourself,dear..at d age 26 you're pursuing ur phD studies..ur already written ur own novel..ur a such a educated person,very talented when u writing..You are special in your own way..hold on to it and dont let anyone bring you down..:-)

    Eve,kita perlu bersyukur dgn apa yg termampu kita capai..jgn terlalu mengharap sesuatu yg diluar kemampuan kita & terlalu mengejar sesuatu yg kita takda..sudahnya kita takkan nmpak apa kelebihan yg kita sendiri ada..(dlm TWB ada sentuh pasal ni ok)..hehhehe

    okey Eve,xmo sedih2 ok..sorry if ada tersilap kata2 kat sini...usaha selagi termampu & terdaya..jgn sedih& mengeluh bila xmampu dicapai..:-)
    You take care,Eve..~HUGS~

    P/S; Don't compare ur life to others.You have no idea what their journey is all about.


  11. Izzati:

    Assalamualaikum kak Eve,i miss u damn much!

    tertanya-tanya jugak,ke mana kak eve menghilang..tiada update smbungan Sweetheart,tiada juga smbungan 13 Jam-A380...rasa sunyi plak bila kak eve tidak memunculkan diri selama 6 hari(baru perasan post kak eve bila kak Fidd update kat grup..hope u doing well at there..:)

    permulaan yg bgus untuk akak yg berusia 26 tahun...mencapai kejayaan dlm pelajaran(in shaa Allah bakal bergelar DR x lama lagi)...menulis sesuatu yg amat bermakna untuk pembaca iaitu TWB,amatlah terkesan hebat di hati izzati...sekarang memulakan langkah untuk menghasilkan A380 yg amat bermakna untuk izzati juga,short stories Sweetheart also a very nice story...semua cerita akak mmg best!ape yg akak nak kongsikan kepada semua pembaca dan diri izzati sndiri pun mmg smpai ke lubuk hati yg paling dalam..

    take ur time...plezz bring my Eve back...menulislah sehingga ke akhir nyawa akak..berkongsilah sebanyak mungkin ilmu yg akak ade...akak sebagai sumber kekuatan izzati,sebagai contoh untuk izzati dlm memburu sebuah kejayaan hidup di dunia...akak selalu bgi nasihat yg amat terkesan di hati izzati...tq so much..hope u enjoys ur life at there...

    love u more...hope to see u one day..:)

    p/s:izzati tak tgok lagi cerita korea tu..in shaa Allah,klau ada masa nak tgok gak..izzati pun minat lah korea jugak tpi bukan peminat tegar..hihihi..

    May Allah Bless u...salam sayang dri adikmu..:)

  12. Salam k eve.
    Jelly nye 4 those yg dpt special gift 2..
    Akak,bole nk request x?
    Bole x akak buku kan cter sweetheart n cter2 yg mmg sure u x akan novel kan?
    I just want 2 have a collection of ur karya la..please *muke kesian*

    Any feedback can u plss email me. ikanshaks_zacefron@yahoo.com.my

    Najah norhanan

  13. hi...
    i'm also 26 years
    i feel that i'm have NOTHING compare to your achievement.....
    at least you now a PHd student...
    I'm only a FRESH-GRADUATE that jobless for almost 1 year and still looking for a JOB....
    i'm totally agreed with u about our education system should start at 4 or 5....

    last but not least...we must always say THANKYOU toALLAH on what we have now compare to others...ALLAH know best...

    don't be SAD dear!!!

  14. I MISS YOU drama is very sad drama..every episode sedih..smpai dah tak snggup nak tgk dah n now dah tak tau ending dy..love to see harry even bawak watak antagonist.inspired me to further my study till PhD.insyaAllah

  15. salam kak..

    wah panjang2 komen kat atas ni hihihi takkan la ria nak tulis ciput je...nama kat sampul surat tu dah nampak nama ria natsumi tu hihihihi tapi betul la kata komen2 di atas...ria nak cakap benda yang sama cam kat atas tu...jadi tak tercakap pula...boleh tulis je hahaha nak buat lawak tak jadi la pula...

    apa2 pun kak..thank...sepanjang kenal akak... dua hadiah dah dapat..yg pertandingan cover dan yg ini[bakal]...memang seronok la sebagai seorang peminat akak.... umur akak 26 thn...dah buat PHd...tabikk la kat akak...semoga urusan akan dapat diselesaikan...insya allah...

    tapi ayat yang paling penting kak eve kena baca ialah......
    I MISS U SO MUCH, SIS... hihihih =)

  16. Eve ! I'm 34 now and still improving! Love you and please take some some time for your self

  17. Harry Borrison >>> Hurm ... cute face with darkness past >> hehe >>> i watched dat drama oso..nice stry

  18. Hadoooiii Cik Eve adik manis .... sudah terasuk dek Korean drama ? teringat ingat kat Hero yg kacak bergaya, baik hati, penyayang bla bla bla..... hehehehe macam tu le akak rasa bila dah habis baca ASAT n ILUS hasil nukitan Akak Melur Jelita, menangis jangan cakap le, ulang baca jangan dok bilang 5, 6 kali dok ulang

    Penghayatan yg mendalam pada watak2 tu memang bagi kesan yg tak boleh nak diungkap. . sebab dah melakap dlm fikiran untungnya aku kalau aku yg ada di situ . . .

    So sebagai penawarnya ye cik Eva sayang carilah cerita yg menceriakan balik hati kita.. contoh cerita2x yg santai, yg boleh gelak2 . . idak pun masuk Yutiub cari maharajalawak JOZAN or JAMBU kakakaka boleh akak nasihat awak macam tu hehehe. . . (sebab akak buat macam tu leee nak pulihkan hati kalau akak sedih, geram n marah selain mintak pertolongan dari DIA)awek muda tu hehehe

    Eve... awak baru 26thn, muda lagi gitu. . . dah macam2 ada Novel, Nama (dah terkenal laaa sebab TWB), sekarang PHD, keluarga yg bahagia n awak merantau di negara orang seorang diri (teringin aka nak pi sana tapi tak berani n mahalhahaha)...kiranya bersyukurlah dengan apa yg ada sekarang, tak bermaksud tak boleh berusaha unt terus lebih maju.... bolehhhhh usahakan lahhh tak salah tapiiiii jangan terlampau memaksa dan terpaksa, birlah ianya selari dengan kudrat diri...sayangi diri anda tak mo emo emo no no no no. . .

    Pulangkan hero hero akak tu ye . . . hehehe Miss u la baby

  19. hai kak eve ! i just love the way you write !

  20. hai eve ! what is your facebook account ? eve sekolah kat mana ? like your story ! please update more . tq

  21. eve sapa akan dapat your gift tu ? the one yang dpat sticker ke ?

  22. Hi Eve..i terjebak n fall in love wt yr writing..Syukur ada insan yg d kurniakan bakat macam u to make all of us happy..my senior who introduce me to yr book says u make her feel young..

  23. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarokatuuuu. . . . kami datang nak baca. . . ada orang tak???? huhuhu windu arrrrr.....

  24. K.jaja mmg addict to korean drama.... lalety bz sgt2 n bnyk miss train novel n korean drama.. citer eve tgk tu oll my feveret actor n actrs.... :)

  25. hai kak eve..lama x dengr cite pasal kak eve..x nak laa sedih2 ok.....for me u are the best nvlst..n always be..i miss u n all the charcters..please bring them back...always smile n hppy ok...

  26. salam..eva x balik mengundi ke or by pos?? rsnyer ni 1st time eva layak mengundi kan, or dh pernah 2008 ritu?? kelantan, sure meriah kan...apa pandangan eva ttg politik Malaysia??


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